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Compete Like a Champion

Feb 24, 2020

Nine people died in the tragic helicopter crash which included NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Our team wanted to take time to celebrate and remember Kobe Bryant including his legacy as a basketball great, but also Kobe the person, the father, and the role model for so many. Leah Friedman, National Manager at the USTA, joined us to talk about her experience with Kobe on the tennis court and how Kobe not only impacted her but his love of tennis and for inspiring children to chase their dreams. JP, Leah, and Dr. Larry talk about Mamba Mentality and what it meant for so many people. They take a deeper look at Kobe the person and what his legacy was and continues to be


How Kobe Bryant became one of the NBA's all-time greatest players and an almost mythical figure in the process:

3 Things That Made Kobe Bryant One of the Greatest Players of All Time:

Mamba Mentality:

Leah Friedman Instagram:

Episode Transcript: 

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