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Compete Like a Champion

Jan 20, 2020

Sam Jalloh, professional tennis coach, former pro player, and Sierra Leone Civil War Survivor, talks about his challenging upbringing and how it shaped him as a human being, tennis player and mental coach. It is an inspiring story of struggle and adversity leading to a wonderful life of leading through serving. Sam describes how he didn't allow his early years to break him and instead drove him to make the national tennis team and provide for his family. Sam shares his beliefs on how to reach young players of today who are provided with everything they need and aren't necessarily driven by adversity.

Episode Transcript: 


If you would like to get in touch with Sam regarding his book, motivational speaking or anything else you can contact him at:
  • Dr. Larry Lauer - @LarryLauer
  • Coach Parkes - @johnnyparkes1


  • Coach Parkes - @johnny_parkes
  • Team USA Tennis - @teamusatennis